Leadership Team

Mrs H Ferguson - Headteacher

Miss R Hewitt -Deputy Headteacher, Year 1 (Mon - Tues)

Mrs C Darling-Chalke - Special Education Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) and Inclusion

Mrs B Stout - Qualified Teacher for Visual Impairment (QTVI) and Inclusion


Mrs K Dalton - Year R

Mrs K Phillips - Year R

Mrs J Hart - Year 1 (Wed-Fri)

Mrs K Warland - Year 2

Miss J MacMaster - Year 3

Mr C Harrison - Year 4

Miss L Halton - Year 5

Miss S Wylde - Year 6

Mrs K Stanley - Year 5 and 6

Mrs S Miles - Curriculum Support

Mrs D Gillespie - Curriculum Support

Mrs N Watling - Hampshire Music Service

Mr D Rowland - PE Curriculum Support

Inclusion Team

Miss J Barreto

Mrs A Blake (VI)

Mrs S Callen

Miss E Caplen

Mrs H Cooper

Mrs N Courtneidge-Clark (VI)

Mr T Dussek (VI)

Miss S Giffard

Mrs L Glyn-Davies

Ms A Gray

Mrs L Holloway (VI)

Miss J Houghton (VI)

Mrs J Hunt (VI)

Mrs K Keene (VI)

Mrs D Lillicrap

Miss L Payne

Mrs T Sellars - LISA (Learning and Inclusion Support Assistant)

Mrs D Thomas (VI)

Mrs J Thomas

Miss J Tubbs

Mrs K Watson (VI)

Miss D Young

Support Staff

Miss V Smith - Administration Officer

Mrs A Sampson - Administration Assistant

Mrs J Parfitt - Librarian

Mrs P Razey - Cleaner

Mrs A Hewitt

Miss M King - Cleaner

Midday Supervisors

Mrs A Blake (VI)

Mrs S Churcher

Mrs L Dalley

Mrs T French

Mrs A King

Mrs T Newberry

Mrs J Parfitt

Mrs K Surtees

Mrs S Tucker